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Welcome to Osk Music NetWork
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Chants For Renewal, Presence, and Awareness

Chants For Renewal, Presence, and Awareness

More album tracks at ... Why I Recorded This and Why Listen ... I was driving my truck one day and decided to try a meditation mantra that I had just read about: “Om mani padme hum.” Meditation is supposed to help with awareness, so I figured what better time to be aware than while driving. Having not had much luck meditating up that that point, I thought it might be better if I were meditating during an activity because I have far too much energy to just hold still. And it was better. After ten minutes, I began thinking, “Everyone should do this.” Then it occurred to me that I could record mantras for people like me with which to meditate. Recordings of mantras that would ignite awareness, not put the listener into a trance. So this chant cycle began. As I recorded, I began to become invigorated, and I realized listeners could incorporate the chants into all kind of activities: exercising, driving, working, really any activity. Even sitting and holding still. Recording this album caused unexpected Presence, Renewal, and Awareness in me, and I believe anyone who listens can experience it too. Anyone can approach listening to the chants with an open heart and mind the same way I approached recording them. When I got the feeling that I should record this chant cycle, there was no cycle, no plan, just a feeling. With permission from my wife to be absent from our household for a week, I locked myself away in our back room, and decided I would use only the instruments in that room. Then I gave up my decision-making role and simply began. I understood just enough of what I was about to do in advance to continue as a car drives through a fog. I had only to follow the road ahead. Midway through the first track, I began to understand that what I presumed was one track was actually two. After the completion of those two tracks, I then began to understand that the cycle would be six total tracks. The ideas were not my own; I was simply following directions during the process. What I was following, I cannot describe. I can only describe my body and mind as if charged with electricity for an entire week. The feeling was both elating and maddening. At times, I could see every part of the whole at once. Other times, I worried I may not finish because I had no idea how I was meant to continue. Soon after, I would get a new feeling and would know exactly what I was to do next. I was tired, recording in six or seven hour stretches without breaks, yet I could not stop nor get rid of the electricity fueling me. I believe this energy that comes from following one’s own feelings can be passed on through music. And I believe the energy in these chants is actually Renewal, Presence, and Awareness.


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